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Dramatic Percussion ScreenshotDRAMATIC PERCUSSION

Dramatic Percussion is a new sample library that contains rarely recorded percussion instruments and also unusual playing techniques on traditional instruments. As a percussionist I have used similar sounds on literally hundreds of films. As a composer I have wanted to have an arsenal like this for awhile. This library is perfect for film and dramatic music or when you are just looking for something that sets your music apart. A great asset to any existing libraries that you may have.
- Todd Sorensen


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Joe Loduca"Over the past several years, I have come to know Todd Sorensen as a consummate percussionist, a wizard of technique and groove for every musical genre or hybrid of styles that I can come up with. He is a musician’s musician. So it was not surprising that his premier collection, DRAMATIC PERCUSSION, would be filled with these qualities.

Pristinely recorded sounds programmed with every possible nuance are just the beginning. Add to this the alternating strokes feature, mod wheel-controlled mic positioning and effects, extended playing techniques and you begin to get the idea how much fun it is to use his library. I wrote some of these sounds immediately into a long form TV project I was scoring. There are a lot of good libraries out there these days: None of them is as expressive as DRAMATIC PERCUSSION. Thank you, Todd for making the extra effort to get it right."

- Joe Loduca
Emmy Award Winning Composer of Xena Warrior Princess, Young Hercules, & The Triangle

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